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little guy design is a one-stop digital marketing agency comprised of experienced, driven individuals looking to help others succeed in their business or personal ventures. LGD was established in 2010 in Omaha, Nebraska. LGD now has clients all over the United States.

What Is Google Search Console And Why Do I Need It?

Google Search Console Tells You How Google Views Your Website. From Google: "Google Search Console is a web service by Google which allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. As of May 20, 2015, Google rebranded Google Webmaster Tools as Google Search Console." Google Search Console works in concert with [...]

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GMB – What Is Google My Business And Why Do I Need It?

Here is what our Omaha Google My Business (GMB) pages look like right now. A Google My Business (also referred to as "GMB") page is the most powerful tool that you probably aren't using. Attract new customers with your Google My Business Profile on Google. Your GMB Profile, when optimized and properly setup, [...]

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What Is SEO And How Does It Work?

Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) is a measurable process that is used to send signals to search engines like Google that your pages are worth showing in high ranking positions in Google's index called the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. Google's success, and survival, is based on serving relevant non-spammy results for any keyword search. [...]

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Goodyear? Commitment To Branding Is Why It Should Be Called “Greatyear”

The Goodyear Blimp inside the hanger in Akron, OH. Last month, LGD co-founder Paul Eide spent a weekend in Akron, OH during a brand immersion with one of the best brands on earth, Goodyear.  Branding isn’t as simple as spending a couple hundred dollars on a logo and saying, “VIOLA – check out [...]

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What Makes an Omaha Digital Marketing Agency Outstanding?

Kevin, Matt, and Paul. Omaha digital marketing experts, sans egos + beards. Little Guy Design always pushes to over deliver and achieve monumental things for our clients. As a full-service Omaha digital marketing agency, we are constantly asking clients for feedback, but we also look to Clutch, a third-party review website, to make [...]

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LaVar Ball is a Marketing Genius – Here’s Why

The only bad publicity is your own obituary. Thanks to his relationships with Facebook, the National Basketball Association, and ESPN, LaVar Ball has proven he is a marketing genius. You don’t have to like the eldest Ball or any of his baller sons, but he is adept at creating opportunities that create wins for himself, [...]

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Anatomy of a Marketing Campaign – DeAngelo Williams, Pizza Hut and LGD

How We Work With Big Brands And National Publishers For a "Little" marketing agency from Omaha, Nebraska, we've done a lot of big things. We teamed up with Gatorade for the ESPYs in Los Angeles. With IndyCar and Verizon at the Indy 500. With Old Spice and AskMen.com. Harley Davidson and the X [...]

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Burger King Whopper Freakout – Best Marketing Campaign Ever

Burger King Whopper Freakout Is One Of Our Favorite Campaigns Ever “I HATE Wendy’s.” Marketing campaigns are launched every single day. And most of them are proven over time to be completely forgettable. Burger King hit a home run in 2008 when they hired Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, the agency that came up with the Burger [...]

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Why Do I Need An App? 5 Reasons Your Business Needs One

It's getting to the point where it is app-solutely necessary for a business to have a mobile app. Here are five reasons why it is app-propriate: 1. Popularity Over 86% of time spent on mobile devices is spent in native apps, versus just 14% in mobile web browsers. A mobile responsive website is not enough [...]

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LGD Named Top 20 Omaha Website Designer

Independent Agency Looked At 281 Website Designers in Omaha and Picked Top 20 The goal of expertise.com is to connect people with the best local experts. To come up with a list of the top 20 Omaha Website Designers, they analyzed and scored web designers on more than 25 variables across six categories to give you [...]

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LGD Battle At Bristol Recap In Social Media Embeds

LGD spent four days on site at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee capturing video/photography content and documenting via social media for one of the most-trafficked sports websites on the Internet, BustedCoverage.com. Sponsored by Natural Light and Pilot Flying J, we were tasked with capturing a first-person perspective of the largest college football game in history. [...]

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Omaha Video – In L.A. With Superstar Cam Newton

"The dab is dead." - Cam Newton LGD was in L.A. to interview Cam Newton for the Gatorade Athlete of the Year Awards. The reigning NFL MVP dropped a bombshell on us. As experts in Omaha Video, we captured all video, audio, and produced this final version. In this video, Newton, the reigning NFL Offensive [...]

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What Is Google Analytics And Why Do I Need It?

"What is Google Analytics?" is a question we hear a lot. And though it is an involved topic and a powerful tool, it can be simplified once you know what you are looking for.  Google Analytics is absolutely necessary for any website. The tool from Google has effectively changed the game for business owners, online [...]

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Social Media Marketing Omaha – Omaha Beef Football

A key component of social media marketing Omaha is Twitter. Without it, people assume your brand is weak. Or worse, that you have something to hide. Having an established Twitter account for customers and potential customers is important. But to really get the most out of your social media marketing, you need a solid content strategy [...]

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Social Media Omaha – Real Eats Meals

Building a brand isn't easy. Social media is another piece to the puzzle. Real Eats creates delicious, portion-controlled, pre-packaged meals to-go. Prepared meals are available for same day pickup or delivery in the Omaha area. With so much time needed in the kitchen to prepare meals, there just wasn't enough time for Real Eats to [...]

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Omaha Social Media – Ben’s Game Zone

In terms of Omaha social media feel-good stories, Ben's Game Zone is it. Ben's Game Zone is a family-owned retro themed video game store that also sells movies, collectibles and offers a retro arcade. In addition to social media management, LGD also created the Ben's Game Zone website, signage, logo, website, and marketing materials and is [...]

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SEO Omaha Example – Accent Reduction Trainers

We enjoy SEO Omaha more than most people enjoy Cognac. We'd love to help you accomplish your search engine optimization goals like we did for Omaha client ART. You can't spell SEO with out the "O" in SEO Omaha! Helping people reduce their accents is Accent Reduction Trainers' passion. Accent Reduction Trainers (ART) is an Omaha, [...]

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Omaha Search Engine Optimization Case Study – Skin Deep Tattoo

We structured our SEO efforts for Skin Deep around higher placement in image search results based on their product. Before you get a tattoo or a body piercing from an artist, you want to see some examples of completed work. We were able to rank on the first page of Google organic search for several [...]

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Omaha Search Engine Optimization – Voiceover Dynamite

One of the most essential elements of successful Omaha Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the creation of landing pages to drive traffic and site visitors via a Google search. A landing page is built around a keyword or keyword phrase that a target customer or site visitor would type into a search engine during a [...]

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