Why Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is another way to get in front of current customers and attract new ones. For the first time ever in 2014, mobile search traffic (conducted via tablets and/or smartphones) overtook desktop search traffic. This is significant for businesses and brands to be aware of because it marked a transition from one era to another – people now rely on their devices for information on products and services as they are making purchase decisions.

The days of researching via a desktop computer (and even laptops) and then going to a store and making a purchase are waning. Mobile app development is a way to make your business more visible and an app provides direct access to your customers, or potential customers, 24/7.

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Building Memorable Mobile App Experiences With Impact

Customer Loyalty/Punch Cards/Location Based Marketing

Remember the old Subway Sub Club punch cards? We can replicate that process via app every time a customer uses your product or service and set them up with rewards or discounts. The ultimate form of engagement is creating a benefit for your customers and having them respond via a call to action that is relevant to their needs. What if you could do this in real time? With a mobile app, you can.

Here’s an example: Joe’s Diner has a lunch special and wants to increase sales immediately. Via the functionality in his mobile app, Joe can send a message (called a “Push Notification”) out via his mobile app to everyone who has the app installed. Not only that, but he can directly select the customers who receive the notification by zip code and a radius of x miles.

He can find out the largest company in town, determine its zip code, and market directly to those customers who then via word of mouth tell their co-workers about the special. Just like that, Joe has increased his sales of a particular item and has increased his brand awareness, creating new customers in the process. All via a mobile app development.

Push Notifications

Another thing to consider is the functionality of push notifications. When someone downloads or installs your mobile app, they consent to receiving direct text messages and notifications via a push notification. Unlike social media messaging/content publishing, when a push notification is enacted, a message is sent directly to a user’s device whether or not the app is open. It literally comes thru like an Amber Alert or a severe weather warning, guaranteeing that an app user sees your content.

Social Media Integration

Social media and mobile apps have a symbiotic relationship. Quality mobile app development will feature a business or brand’s social media accounts and make them accessible via the app. Similarly, you can push downloads of your mobile app via various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. For an example of how we value and utilize social media, please read our page on social media Omaha and why it is critically important that you take advantage of social media.

Quality Code Delivered That’s Reliable, Scalable & Robust

Is Mobile App Development Right For My Business Or Brand?

It’s hard to envision any type of business or brand that does not benefit from more eyeballs on their products, or more people interested in the content they are producing. One aspect that makes mobile app development so viable is the fact that all content is fully customizable.

Questions About Mobile App Development? 

Developing a mobile app is a big step, but a necessary one. Plus, mobile app development isn’t as expensive as you may think. It’s a broad topic, but we specialize in explaining involved concepts in an easy to understand way that won’t make you feel “little.”

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